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Aam Digital is now a member & platform of Tech4Dev

We are very excited that Aam Digital has become an “official” member of “Tech4Dev”!

The Tech4Dev initiative is building “an ecosystem of software & design companies, NGO partners, and foundations working towards creating social impact in developing countries” and leveraging technology for NGOs and their goals. Core of this are principles of open source software. This is about building solutions together that can benefit the whole social sector. Tech4Dev’s approach of collaboration, openness and the focus on empowering NGOs aligns perfectly with our own values at Aam Digital.

We have been in touch with Donald Lobo and Project Tech4Dev since last summer. Through joining their social impact sprint in Tehri India and various calls we have been sharing insights and learned a lot already.

In practice, the fact that Aam Digital is a platform of Tech4Dev means we will closely collaborate to serve NGOs with technology in this network. How to best communicate, advise and develop tech for social impact. And Tech4Dev is co-funding part of the development of Aam Digital, wherever NGOs show a concrete use case and commit some of the development costs.

We are convinced being part of the Tech4Dev community is a big next step enabling us to better and wider serve social organizations.

We will regularly share updates about Tech4Dev. Do subscribe to the Tech4Dev blog or follow their LinkedIn Page also to learn more!



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