Aam Digital

Easy-to-use Case Management for the Social Sector


Collect information in digital case files, collaborate with your co-workers and make better decisions.



Track the overall performance of your project, manage your team and make informed decisions.



Generate reliable data for impact measurement, ensure accountability and show your impact.

For projects

No more


All information in one place

Collect all information in digital case files, share relevant knowledge and collaborate.


Data-driven case management

Analyze your data to track individuals’ progress and identify critical cases.


Your project at a glance

Create dashboards, get insights on daily activities and track the progress of your organisation.


Easy access from everywhere

Build your own intuitive use case, access information from all devices, offline-ready.

For donors

Realtime accounting for your impact


Better implementation and evaluation

Aam Digital makes project implementation more effective and generates highly reliable data for monitoring.


Visualized outcomes

Visualize your real-time data in dashboards and create reports automatically.


Reliable data

Get reliable insights on your projects by using data generated during daily activities


Integration & Export

Export data to any software for further analysis or benefit from our seamless integration.

For donors

Realtime accounting for your impact

Get a system meeting your needs

Our Services



We take care of everything.
You sign up and start using Aam Digital – all you need is a laptop and/or phone. Adapt the system to your use case, choosing from our modules

1. Get in touch with us
2. Design your use case
3. Get started


Custom application

We design a system together with you.
Get a version of Aam Digital tailored exactly to your needs and pay only for the features that go beyond our core system.

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2. Let us implement a custom build
3. Get started

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Behind Aam Digital

About Us

Aam Digital combines expertise in international cooperation with software development. Inspired by the experiences of development professionals, we built an open source tool to enable high-quality case management and the use of reliable data for monitoring and evaluation. As a young social enterprise it is our goal to co-develop our product with our customers and to prioritize impact over profits.

Core Team

A software engineer by training and former program manager at an NGO in India, Sebastian combines deep IT expertise with practical insights into the daily challenges of international development. Out of this background he initially started the volunteer-run open source project to establish Aam Digital. Sebastian is responsible for product management at Aam Digital, making sure our software really meets the need of users in the field.
Having worked on grassroots development projects, German bilateral cooperation, and with governments in the global south, Moritz knows the needs of various stakeholders in international development. Moritz holds a Dual-Masters in Public Administration in International Development from the London School of Economics and the Hertie School. Moritz is responsible for Aam Digital’s business development and uses his experience to create meaningful partnerships with social sector organizations world-wide.
With a degree in computer science, specialized in cloud technologies Simon brings a solid technical background to the picture. He also is a long time contributor and team lead at the open source project. Simon is heading Aam Digital’s technical implementation and operations, making sure our application meets the highest technical standards and is always available and secure.


Aam Digital is developed as an open source project by a broad team of contributors in addition to the core team. Find us on GitHub.

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