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Year 2022 in Review

A busy year has brought a lot of positive developments in 2022 for Aam Digital as an easy-to-use tool for the social sector and as an open source Digital Public Good.

New Features added
Based on our users’ feedback, research, and also a collaboration with the team around QualitätsMENTOR, we extended our software platform with the addition of following features:

  • File attachments can be stored and shared within Aam Digital
  • Map view to visualize locations of participants and cases
  • Advanced user permission to control access to sensitive data
  • User Management to handle user accounts without technical support
  • Updated and simplified design of the application, including various dashboard widgets and other features to make daily tasks easier

New clients onboarded on our platform
We also added new clients on our platform. Brief profile of some of our new clients that are now on Aam Digital:

  • Ashayen – a grassroot NGO working in India for the past 9 years on the issue of rehabilitation of street children. The field team, who work part time and are not technology savvy quickly adopted system with few hours of support. [read our detailed case study with them here: Enabling street children rehabilitation at Ashayen]
  • Pune Municipal Corporation schools (PMC) – a 250+ school network governed by urban municipal corporation body in the city of Pune, India. The solution is currently being prototyped with couple of schools in partnership with Teach for India and will be gradually scaled to the other schools in the network.
  • SwaTaleem Foundation – An NGO working with the Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya schools (KGBV – residential elementary girls schools) in India and implementing multiple interventions, The data from in-school interventions and after school IVRS program will be integrated on the Aam Digital platform
  • YOJAK – a field implementation organization implementing the Girls scholarship program for the past 7 years in partnership with donor institutions like Forbes Marshall. The historic data of all the 850+ girls was seamlessly imported on Aam Digital.

Aam Digital solved the following challenges faced by the above organizations:

  • Need to import historical data of participants : During the course of the projects, multiple changes/additions are made to the data collection forms. Sometimes, different tools are used. Due to this data is stored in silos and in different formats and needs to be integrated on a common platform
  • Complex education system: In such a system there is duplication of effort while doing administrative tasks in schools. Moreover, data in digital format is rarely used in the classroom on a daily basis. Additionally, qualitative insights gained about students often get lost in case of teacher transfer or absenteeism.
  • Multiple interventions in a collective impact model: For organisations running multiple interventions both in an offline or an online format, it is important to integrate data across multiple interventions and visualise the indicators holistically for each program participant

New Partnerships

We have built and deepened important partnerships also. Open Bracket Foundation’s Tech4Dev initiative has become a key ally – and funder of Aam Digital. BürgerStiftung Hamburg and Stiftung Bürgermut have big plans with their mentorship management tool based our platform. And our collaboration with TolaData has allowed Peace Players International to show their impact based on reliable, seamless data.

For 2023 our biggest goal is to make our case management software more widely available to organizations. If you know projects that could benefit from our work – or see some things missing – do reach out to us!



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