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“Aam Digital” is a software built specifically for social sector organizations. Our goal is to make work with individual beneficiaries easier and better and also improve monitoring & evaluation.

As a “case management system” Aam Digital helps you keep all information about the people you support in one place. Similar to a CRM system, you can see all interactions your team had with each person, see development and analyse your work.

Our case management system can help you in any project that has regular interactions with the same beneficiaries. These could be students, families, patients, trainees, farmers or any other target group you support.

Aam Digital is used by organizations from a variety of different countries and sectors and can be customized to your needs. Check out our success stories.

Aam Digital only requires minimum technical standards. We run on mobile and desktop devices, such as laptops, alike. All you need is a modern browser. A stable internet connection is not a requirement, the app has full offline functionality. Data is synchronized with your colleagues once your device is connected to the internet.

You do not need any technical expertise. We take care of the server, hosting and IT security for you.

The Aam Digital source code is publicly available and anyone is free to use it. Our software is open source, because together we can achieve more than alone. We want projects to build on existing infrastructure, instead of constantly reinventing the wheel. As a product for social sector organizations, we also often work with public money and believe that public money should be used to built digital public goods instead of proprietary software.

Aam Digital is more than just a company. We have built the Aam Digital software as an Open Source project together with a team of passionate volunteers. If our company should ever cease to exist, together with our community volunteers we are dedicated to continue running Aam Digital and provide support to all existing users.

As an Open Source software the technical instructions and source code of Aam Digital is also freely available. You will always be able to seek services from another IT provider to help you run and adapt the software and are not locked in with us at Aam Digital as a company.

We offer the Aam Digital software as “Software-as-a-Service” in the cloud to make it as easy as possible for every organisation to use digital tools. However, if you want more control or have special restrictions you can also run the software yourself completely.

We are happy to support you with setting up Aam Digital as consultants. Contact us. Aam Digital is Open Source software licensed under the GPL, i.e. it is freely available for you to use and adapt as long as you share your changes under the same conditions.

Please make sure you have the required IT expertise available in the long-term to ensure server security and regular software updates in order to keep your data secure.

We have set up professional state-of-the-art IT security and data privacy measures to keep your data safe.

More information in our Data Security One-Pager

Data privacy and keeping your data secure is extremely important for us at Aam Digital. Only those people from your organization whom you give a user account for your Aam Digital system are able to access your data.

We store your data on our servers for you but we will never  touch your data or share it with anybody. This is similar to how you use an e-mail account, where your provider takes care of all the technical things but will never read your mail.

Our own employees at Aam Digital do not have access to your data and we are following strict standards of the European “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) and ensure this in a formal data processing agreement contract.

The European “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) defines strict standards to keep data secure and protect personal information. Especially in the social sector this is absolutely essential and we are fully committed to these standards at Aam Digital.

We have technical and operational measures to keep your data safe. When we host the Aam Digital application we function as a data processor for you – you own your data and the relationship and responsibilities are clearly defined in a formal data processing agreement contract between us.

Our servers are exclusively based in Germany by German data center operators, who also comply with all GDPR requirements.

In case you want to leave Aam Digital to use a different system you will always be able to export all your data from Aam Digital to use or import it in other contexts.


Pricing & Free Trial

Once your trial ends you need to subscribe to Aam Digital. If your organizations financial capabilities are low, you can apply for a sponsored license here. We do not automatically charge you after the trial expires.

You can always download your data in case you do not want to continue using Aam Digital. If you need time to make up your mind, we will store the data for you for a limited time.

The more people in an organization regularly use Aam Digital, the larger is our positive impact. A user-based pricing jeopardizes this goal, as it incentivizes organizations to limit the number of users in order to save costs. Our beneficiary-based pricing has the advantage that also less regular users of Aam Digital can get access. This also makes the cost of scaling easily predictable.

Yes, you will be able to continue working with the same data.

Aam Digital is a social enterprise as well as a community project. We want to support all social impact projects regardless of their financial situation. If you are a small or grassroots organisation with limited budget and cannot afford our regular prices, let’s talk and find a solution!

We have some resources to sponsor grassroots projects. Check out the details.

When introducing the software to your organization, we support you during all steps. Aam Digital has been designed to be extremely user friendly and we provide training and constant support during your subscription.


App Configuration

Aam Digital can be configured to really match your needs and processes. As part of our setup and on-boarding we personally discuss with you what forms you need and adapt the app for you.

In the future, you will also be able to configure the user interface yourself.

Don’t worry, we do configurations as part of our normal setup. If you require large changes or new modules, we are happy to develop them together with you and make you a custom offer.

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