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About Us

Aam Digital combines expertise in international cooperation with software development. Inspired by the experiences of development professionals, we built an open source tool to enable high-quality case management. As a young social enterprise it is our goal to co-develop our product with our users and to prioritize impact over profits.

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History of Aam Digital

From Open Source project to social enterprise

Our History

Our founder Sebastian Leidig started Aam Digital based on his experience as project manager in an educational project in Kolkata, India. During his master’s at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) he establishes Aam Digital as part of the student-led initiative Engineers Without Borders.

Having developed a fully functional product already in 2018, we decided to make Aam Digital available globally, through a social enterprise. Since 2020 we are working as a full-time team, to make high-class digital solutions available for everyone. This allows us to support small grassroots projects as well as large international organisations.

What unites Aam Digital employees as well as our growing open source community is our common goal: Empowering front-line workers through world-class software!


Aam Digital Open Source Community

Open Source -
because together we can achieve more

Aam Digital Team
Open Source Approach

Our Vision & Values

Why Open Source?

We believe that together we can achieve more than alone. Hence, the core of our work, the Aam Digital source code, is publicly available. We are convinced that Open Source is the key to maximizing impact, especially in the field of international development.

We base our software development on Principles for Digital Development, which aim to ensure that digital tools can maximize their impact. Designing for scale, reusing and improving, being collaborative – and explicitly using Open Source are key aspects. We want to build a global solution rather than being an isolated drop in the ocean.

As an Open Source solution Aam Digital is also transparent and flexible. Everyone can dig into the technical details themselves and check whether it meets security standards. And its future does not depend on a single company – if you want, take it in your own direction.

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Aam Digital has been recognized as a Digital Public Good (DPG), showing that we meet important standards to “adhere to privacy and other applicable laws and best practices, do no harm by design, and help attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”.


Join Us!

We are always excited to welcome new volunteers. Aam Digital is developed as an open source project by a broad team of contributors. Our members come from a diverse range of backgrounds and bring in different expertise (or just the passion to learn and contribute).

Simply write us a short note and join one of our meetings to see whether you would like to do more.

Interested to collaborate in a different way? Let us know about it!