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Enabling holistic education at HELGO

The HELGO project is supporting children from exceptionally underprivileged backgrounds – often former child laborers. Their mission is to break the vicious cycle between poverty and lack of education. To achieve this, HELGO developed a holistic support program: They enroll kids in school, organize tuition classes, maintain close relationships with the families, provide materials and help them develop life skills through counseling and workshops.

Aam Digital in action:

Accordingly there are a lot of details and activities that the organization has to track. Aam Digital was founded as a digital case management system for them to make all this information easy to manage for the whole team:

  • Detailed profiles summarize all information of a student in one place, accessible on desktop and mobile. Based on this the team plans the support for each individual.
  • A custom “attendance tracking” workflow allows teachers to record classes’ attendance from their smartphone as quickly as recording it on paper. And the data is shared in real-time with the whole team.
  • The social workers then identify critical developments on the Aam Digital dashboard, for example students who have been absent in multiple classes this week or kids with a dangerously low BMI who should get additional food support.
  • With its holistic approach the team rarely follows the same questions when interacting with a family. They heavily use unstructured “notes” in Aam Digital to keep a flexible case history for each child and maintain it jointly as a team.

“In Aam Digital all our data of a child is in one place, instantly available. We can even access it on the road and offline.”

– Surya Ghosh, Head of Social Work at HELGO
The impact of digital case management:

Reliably tracking all the detailed developments of their students would be almost impossible for HELGO without Aam Digital. Earlier the team needed 4-6 weeks to follow up with absent students because paper attendance registers were collected from the learning centers only once a month. With the digital system they now follow up within a day or two. This has helped reduce the dropout rate from 8.5% to 4%, i.e. by more than 50%.

Aam Digital also helps the organization build trust with its international donors. Dr. Meyer-Hamme, chairman of the German charity funding the program, is confident their donations are utilized well: “Aam Digital helps us to have a good overview. With this system we can better see the long-term developments and success of our project in India”.

Deep dive into the use case:

Today we have built Aam Digital into a configurable platform and a “Digital Public Good” that serves NGOs across different social sector use cases in nine countries.



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