What we offer ?

By combining extensive expertise in international cooperation and software development Aam Digital delivers a highly personalized service to its clients. Learn more about the services offered below.


Software as a Service

Case management often means working with very senstive data. We ensure this data is safe. All our data is stored exclusively on servers in Germany.

Regular security and function updates are provided automatically.

Automatic, encrypted backups to restore data at any time.


Custom Development

Don’t find the activities of your project in our module catalogue yet? We are happy to develop new modules in close cooperation with your organisation. 

As Aam Digital is open source, developing a new module does not only help your organization, but contributes to making Aam Digital a more useful digital public good for everyone.

If you already use systems, which should interact with data from Aam Digital, we can implement tailored integration. 


& Hosting

We have experience in GDPR compliant hosting. Reach out if you want us to host other software solutions (e.g. KoBoToolbox) and let us take care of all the technicalities.

We are open source advocates and know how to make open source work in your organization. We are happy to customize open source products beyond Aam Digital to your needs.

Through our experience in working with Aam Digital our team has expertise on the intersection between case management, the use of open source software and international development. We are happy to support your project as external consultant.

Our pricing

How much does it cost ?

NGO Discount

Aam Digital case management

A broad set of features to manage your project and improve your impact.
75 per 100 beneficiaries¹ / month
  • All case management features
  • Customized user interface based on a personal discussion of your needs included in setup cost (see below)
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • GDPR-compliant hosting, backups, regular security & functionality updates
  • User support through e-mail and WhatsApp (also see "Premium Support" option below)

Beneficiaries are your main records in the case management system, e.g. the students you support or the farmers you train. We track the number of these primary records you create to match it with the volume you are paying for. Other information you link to your beneficiaries (e.g. notes, reports, events or health records) is not limited – you can add as much information as necessary about every beneficiary.

Your costs for Aam Digital does not increase automatically. When you reach the limit of your license we provide a grace period for you to just continue using the application. We then contact you to confirm the extension of your license.

Set up & support
  • Setup Cost (required)​ 500 €

One-time cost for setup of a new project (required). We want to make sure Aam Digital is configured to perfectly meet your needs and fit your processes. For this we personally discuss your use case with you through video call, set up a customized application and help you get started.

Setup includes:

  • Video call to analyse your individual use case
  • Configuration of Aam Digital to your needs (up to 3 forms with up to 25 fields each)
  • Import of your existing data (needs to be provided in CSV format) if necessary
  • One video call for on-boarding users


If you need additional custom forms, help with data migrations from an old system or more user training, you can book additional services for a flat hourly fee at any time.

  • Premium Support 200 €/month

Phone and video call support with guaranteed first response within 1 business day (without premium support: guaranteed first response within 3 business days)

  • Consulting & Training billed per hour

In depth discussion of your requirements, processes and data formats; Support for on-boarding and introduction of the case management system; User training & workshops; Consulting on digitization and ICT4D in general

  • Customization & Development contact us for an offer

Design and implementation of custom features extending the Aam Digital case management system based on your individual requirements.

Discount for grassroots NGOs

Our mission at Aam Digital is to provide a great and highly efficient system to every social project – regardless of their financial situation. Are you a grassroots organisation with limited budget and cannot afford our regular prices above? Apply for a special license – it takes 2 minutes and we will get back to you within a week.

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