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Pricing - India

(only applicable for organizations based out of India)

How can I use Aam Digital?

Aam Digital is Open Source software but we want to make it as easy as possible to you to use Aam Digital. We want to make it as easy as possible to you to use Aam Digital. You can simply have us run the system for you (“Software-as-a-Service”). If necessary, we can also develop custom features together with you. Our pricing has the following components:


one-time cost for configuring the system and creating custom forms based on your needs and processes along with user training

Annual Subscription

for hosting the data on servers, conducting automatic data backup and security updates, for  supporting your team using Aam Digital and taking care of all technical details

Consulting & Development 

hire us for developing custom features or provide additional training and services, as needed


NGO Discount

prices below include 50% off for non-profits

  • Setup Cost ₹ 40,000

    One time cost for customizing all forms, initial user training and support:
    2 x 1h video calls to adapt Aam Digital to your processes and needs and 1 x 1h virtual training of users

    Optional "Advanced Setup": ₹ 1,20,000
    All serives of Basic Setup + Complete import of your existing data into Aam Digital by our experts along with follow up training and premium Support

  • Subscription

    Annual cost based on the number of users for all support and technical aspects of running the system:

    • Use all features
    • Unlimited cases and data points
    • Hosted on our servers
    • User support
    • Enhanced security with daily backups and regular software updates
    • Data protection & privacy

  • 5 Users ₹ 32,000 / year
  • 20 Users ₹ 80,000 / year
  • 50 Users ₹ 1,20,000 / year
  • 100 Users ₹ 1,80,000 / year
  • >100 Users Custom Offer

We will inform you once you reach the user limit of your license. We will extend the number of users once we receive the confirmation from your side.

We offer additional support via phone and video calls with guaranteed first response within 1 business day (without premium support: guaranteed first response within 3 business days)

Additional Services

How can we help you further?

Our team at Aam Digital combines extensive expertise in international cooperation and software development. We are happy to develop customized solutions together with or support you with consulting, training as needed.


Custom Development

Don’t find the activities of your project in our module catalogue yet? We are happy to develop new modules in close cooperation with your organisation. 

As Aam Digital is open source, developing a new module does not only help your organization, but contributes to making Aam Digital a more useful digital public good for everyone.

If you already use systems, which should interact with data from Aam Digital, we can implement tailored integration. 

& Hosting

We have experience in GDPR compliant hosting. Reach out if you want us to host other software solutions (e.g. CiviCRM or KoBoToolbox) and let us take care of all the technicalities.

We are open source advocates and know how to make open source work in your organization. We are happy to customize open source products beyond Aam Digital to your needs.

Through our experience in working with Aam Digital our team has expertise on the intersection between case management, the use of open source software and international development. We are happy to support your project as external consultant.

Terms & Conditions

For all services and SaaS subscriptions provided by Aam Digital GmbH the following general Terms of Service apply: Terms of Service – Aam Digital GmbH

  • All prices are net prices without VAT which the customer shall additionally pay in accordance with the prevailing statutory rate, if applicable.
  • Aam Digital requires the use of a current version of the Google Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • Application availability of at least 99.5%. If the application is not available to the agreed extent within one month, the corresponding monthly fee will be credited to the customer and offset against future payments.

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