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Coordinating workshops that teach thousands of kids about germs at KIMÜ

Kindergesundheit München e.V. (KIMÜ) 🔗 is teaching kids about hygiene in a playful way. Their workshops help students to understand germs and experience visually how to wash their hands well with the help of a “magic”, fluorescent test lotion (have a look at their great work directly in this short YouTube video). KIMÜ collaborates with the city of Munich and various government schools to organize their workshops, reaching thousands of kids.

Aam Digital in action:

KIMÜ has to both coordinate workshops and document impact. Their team and funders want to know how many kids they reach and whether kids and teachers like the sessions. And due to the tight school schedules there isn’t much time to record feedback from students and teachers. With the Aam Digital system planning and documentation is happening seamlessly in a digital format now:

  • School and workshop records hold all the required details to prepare the sessions, including contact details and notes from previous visits at a school.
  • During the workshops, facilitators add documentation directly from the classroom using their smartphone.
  • In contrast to most case management setups, KIMÜ tracks the number of kids and how many of them remember key facts at the end of the workshop. They do not record individual student details. Apart from saving time, this also avoids questions about data protection.
  • Teachers are asked to scan a QR code on answer a few feedback questions immediately after the workshop through a public form on Aam Digital. Rather than sharing a link later, this helps get more teachers to actually submit their response.
  • Through the customized reporting in the system, KIMÜ’s team can immediately see how many students they reached for any time period and analyse their program without spending time to dig into spreadsheets.

Thanks to the deep understanding of social sector projects by Clifton Grover (gemeinsam.wirken), we were able to set up the customized digital system within a few days and after only two video calls.

With the Aam Digital software we can focus on our project and just on the side collect relevant data for our impact measurement. The app is intuitive and for questions we very quickly receive help from the Aam Digital team.

– Monika Staffansson, Kindergesundheit München e.V.
The impact of digital case management:
  • Everyone in the team can intuitively manage and access the data now.
  • More reliable feedback from teachers, because they immediately fill out a digital form at the end of the workshop.
  • … and the funding partners at the municipality have also been impressed by the modern, structured data management of KIMÜ.
Diving deeper into digital case management use cases:

For exploring how we could help KIMÜ with digital tools, we have collaborated with Clifton Grover of gemeinsam.wirken in this case. We would love to grow the community of like-minded people to share knowledge and resources like our Open Source platform – feel free to reach out!

Aam Digital serves NGOs across the world and we are excited to see more and more users from our own home base of Germany as well.



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